Very Clever Selling Strategies

How to sell for over asking

Let’s Start Here!

Remember! Buyers DON’T come with a measuring tape, they buy homes on emotions.

Sell homes using two principles:

1) By triggering buyer emotions
2) And by using smart selling strategies


Below are just some considerations:

The MLS Listing

  • Once a listing is uploaded to the MLS,  all the information stays on record
    If your home doesn’t sell it may have a negative impact on its  sale

The right list price

  • You don’t want to list too high to scare off buyers,
    Neither do you want to list too low to get low offers

    There is a strategy for the  listing price 

The information contained in the MLS Listing:

  • The MLS allows you to put ONLY 463 characters in the client remarks field.
    It’s very important that you enter selling material.
    Stay away from scary stuff like “As Is”  “Needs Work”. “Handy Man Specials”
    These words also make it hard for the buyers to get approved for a mortgage
    Athe the end you do want the deal to close

Use the right words to attract buyers

  • “Luxurious” = Lots of high-end touches here
  • “Landscaped” = Beautifully landscaped yard to  enjoy those BBQ parties
  • “Turn-key” = This property doesn’t need any work
  • “Spacious Home” = There’s plenty of room
  • “Private” = Wonderful quiet neighborhood
  • “Upgrades” = This home feels pretty new with all the amazing upgrades
  • “Natural light” = It’s bright and cheery, with lots of windows

Avoid Jargon and use simple words to convey the message

Avoid these Costly Mistakes 

Your  listing will  not show up at all

  • Street Name Misspelled
  • Inaccurate house number
  • The wrong Postal Code is very very costly.
    The home does not show up on google maps

This typo will cost you dearly     

  • Entering 2 bedrooms instead of 3 bedrooms
  • Entering Electric Heating instead of Gas heating
  • Putting  the wrong list price by entering the wrong decimal point or Mixing up the numbers

So proofread your entire listing

Inclusions and Exclusions:

  • Avoid  any chance of litigation
  • Ensure the information is accurate

Prepping up the home:

  • Best colors
  • Proper Lighting
  •  Furniture selection & layout
  • Focal points, Accessories & Visual

What is “SOLD or * I’ll buy it for myself for cash”?

  • Often you will see advertisements  stating  “SOLD or * I’ll buy it for myself for cash”
    What are the terms and conditions?

Best places to advertise

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How to really make Open House Work

  • Planning is key to s successful open house

Multiple Offer

  • How to get multiple offers
  • The Offer Presentation

Buyer Incentives

  • Call us to find out

The Guaranteed Close

  • How to make sure you deal with really close on closing day

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